Movin' and a Shakin' : Five for Friday {Sept.27th}

I'm linking up with Doodlebugs for Five for Friday. Click on the link and see what others have been up to this week too. Well, this is going to be short but sweet because as you can see: things were movin' and a shakin' this week and I am pooped!

It was moving week and a very, very bad eating week.  It started with birthday cake for my principal on Monday and ended with a great pot luck for professional development day on Friday.  I won't even mention what was in between.  Ugh... I am a very healthy eater usually but on moving week - what choice do you have? My friend Staci made these for us.  Creamy Pumpkin Pie Bars from Joy the Baker (Pinterest).  Click the pic for the recipe...YUM!

It was mooooving day on Tuesday.  I feel like I just unpacked boxes. Oh yes, I did.  My classroom! This time it was my house! What a lot of work.  On the bright side, I had a great calf workout all day climbing stairs with boxes.

I bought myself flowers for my new place.  I love flowers!

On Thursday, I got a new student.  He is from China and does 
not speak any English.  I was asked to NAME him!  His parents 
asked me to give him a Canadian name.  I have never been asked that
before! My students also brought some tree bark in for 
our Science center.  What does this have to do with my
new student?  Your five sense are an international language 
and not only did I love that my students are really loving the 
5 senses of Fall, they are bringing in items to represent
these concepts! My new student got to take part in the observation.

We had our professional development day today. 
 We also had a big shake up. One of our staff
members had a bit of a scare.  What was so amazing about this
is that it was our first pro-d together as a staff and our topic
was health and safety as this is a new school. A staff member fell ill
and everyone kicked into action.  That's all I'll say other than
everything turned out well and I have an incredible team to 
work with!  Unintentional team building.  

Then my principal announced that we would guessed it ~ unpacking boxes in the Multipurpose Room.  {Nooooo...not more boxes!}
On the bright side, it felt like Christmas.

Well, that's it for my week...!  I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!  Don't forget to tune in on Sunday for my new Writing Series:  Writing Sundays.


  1. Shelley, we're all waiting to hear what you named your new student! Dave? Fred? George? : )

    Whimsy Workshop Teaching

    1. Susanna,
      I wondered if anyone would ask that... Well, his name is Hao (pronounced How) and I thought it best to maintain the integrity of his Chinese name and heritage so I decided to call him Howie. :)



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