5 For Friday

I'm linking up with Kacey to give you a peek at random things from my week.

I received a huge bag of Keurig coffee from a parent- yay! Perfect timing as it was report card writing week!

We had a local author and illustrator team (a colleague and previous student teacher) come to visit our school and share their new books with us. 

The book is about a mischievous dog named Vinnie. The star of the show was there too! He had to wait patiently for his grand introduction. 

I decided to also introduce this week's classroom author of the week: Nina Laden as she writes about dogs too. More on that in my upcoming Writing Sundays post. 

We had our school green team in to learn about recycling as it is a new school.

We worked on our communities posters. I'm so proud of how hard the students worked and how much they've learned so far about rural, urban and suburban communities. 


  1. aww... look at those lovely little city drawings! Love the perspective on the road at the bottom!
    Conferencing week went very well - just lost my voice at the end. Soooo much easier than usual though. Love that part of it. Hope yours are done soon too!
    Whimsy Workshop Teaching

    1. Hi Susanna,
      Thanks for popping in! I was very impressed with their posters. I REALLY emphasized effort in drawing and coloring and demonstrated "how to color" .... again.... Many of my kiddos this year need a lot of guidance in Art but I am having fun teaching them because I love ART!

  2. The drawings are gorgeous - I love kid art! Coffee is part of me, I drink way too much
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  3. I love those city drawings too. So much detail! I love my Keurig, too!

  4. Thanks Sandy! I can't BELIEVE how engaged they were on these and they were a great quickie assessment on their knowledge of urban, rural, suburban.

    :) Shelley


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