Remembering... {5 for Friday Nov. 8th}

I am linking up again for the fabulous 5 for Friday over at Doodlebugs Teaching.  I was sick with a cold this week. Thank goodness it was a short week.

Yes, the nasty cold I caught kept me home on Monday.  Teaching is one profession where you can't slowly come back to work so I went from 0-60 when I came back Tuesday.  It's very hard to recuperate but I am happy that it was a short week as we have today off!

Remembrance Day was first and foremost on our minds this week.  We read A Bear in War and it was a nice tie in to our teddy bear activities that we did last week.  (More on this in my upcoming Writing Sundays post).

I found this little recliner at Costco for kids.  Don't you think it is just adorable??  My classroom wing chair reclines. Wouldn't it be so awesome to have the VIP chair recline too?  (No, I didn't buy it...but wish I could. )

It was bring your Grade 9 child to work with you this week.  My daughter came and helped me out.  I loved having her there. 

I spent the week dreaming about going back to NY and we are planning a trip back this Spring.  What are your favorite places to go to when you are in NY?

Be sure to check out the other 5 for Friday posts by clicking the image at the top of this page.  Thanks so much for reading.   Be sure to leave me your link.  I'd love to pop by and visit you. :) Have a great weekend.


  1. You're going to NY AND Vegas this year! You are a party girl! : )
    Feel better soon!

    Whimsy Workshop Teaching

    1. Haha I just have a bad case of the travel bug. Have to keep myself occupied so I don't get too excited about Europe 2015!

  2. Glad your feeling better! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Hey, I'm following you too! You are my first Canada blogger friend. Look forward to hearing more about you and your classroom. Thanks for linking up with me today.
    Stephanie from Principal Principles

    1. Thanks for visiting Stephanie. I'm glad to be your first Canadian blogger friend. :)


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