Snowmen at Night

This week I was inspired by the book Snowmen at Night.  I am sure you all have seen it but if you haven't, it is priceless!  Not only do snowmen have fun at night when the children have all gone to bed, but the art work is fabulous. It's great for teaching perspective and shadowing. Conveniently, our author this week is Nina Laden and we had already read "The Night I Followed the Dog".  Both books have the theme of what exactly goes on once the humans go to bed.  We made lots of connections to Nina Laden when we read Snowmen at Night by: Caralyn Buehner 

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First we watched a wonderful demonstration lesson from Youtube by:  Katerina Kyriakakis. You can find the link here. Then we practiced using chalk pastels first.

The children loved this drawing lesson and enjoyed shading.

Today, we were blessed with our First Nations teacher, Janet , who came in and and taught my students more about how animals are important to First Nations people.  For the First Nations art we got students to pick the animal they wanted to design.  Then, parents used hot glue guns to outline the papers.

Then, students glued the papers on to manilla tag.   Students then flipped their paper over onto large foil sheets.  A little gentle pressing with their fingers and hands and out popped their figure of choice!  Students then used permanent sharpies to color. Beautiful!  You can also do this with outlines of Christmas shapes like stockings, bells, etc.

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