Writing Sundays #11: Leads and Presentation

Welcome back to my 11th instalment of Writing Sundays.  I'm so glad you are here.

This week we worked on "leads".  That is, we practiced how to start a story.  What great first sentences can you use to "hook" the reader into reading your story?  The kids had fun with these! I began by walking over to the bookshelf and picking random books off of the shelf.  Yes, they were random.  I like to be curious and surprised or bored with author's leads too!  It's way more authentic.
After reading and listening and practicing verbally, we practiced in our interactive notebooks.  If you'd like your own copy of my Interactive Writer's Notebooks, click here or on the picture:

Our next lesson this week was the introduction of my FAVORITE author- Nina Laden.

I get all giddy when I introduce her to my class because I just know how much fun I am going to have and so are they!  We read The Night I Followed the Dog with them just for fun.  We talked about IDEAS and PRESENTATION.  If you look at a page from her book, you will see how creative she is at making words come alive in her presentation. Would you like a copy of this Nina Laden author page?  You bet!  Just click HERE for your free copy!

My students just LOVE recreating her presentation with their own words.

My balanced literacy lessons usually include reading, writing, visualizing, speaking, listening and of course, movement to make the brain and body happy too.  This time, we discussed and gave examples of some of the vocabulary Nina Laden uses in her book When Pigasso Met Mootisse.  It was an active lesson with each student coming to the pocket chart to introduce a word. After, we made a prediction based on the vocabulary and the front cover of the book.

We will read the first section of her book on Monday and practice writing the main idea and supporting details of the section of the book.  I can't wait to show the students books about the real Picasso and Matisse and do our own interpretations of those artists' works.  Stay tuned...

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