Five For Friday {Jan. 24th}

Hello everyone!  It was a busy week this week but more with little things.

I'm linking up with Kacey for 5 for Friday.  Check out the other posts there for some Friday Randomness.

This week we were working on our Superflex unit.  If you haven't heard of Superflex, it's amazing!  It's a social learning curriculum that teaches students how to be super flexible thinkers.  I always start out by reading the social story that comes with it then getting the kids to design their own super hero with themselves as the superhero to show them that they can be in charge of their own feelings, reactions, etc.

We also started printing compliments or bucket fillers on the board for the VIP each day.

It was a special day this week for me as I celebrated an anniversary of sorts.  It's been 4 years since I met my special man.  We are great together!

As we were learning about Polar Bears this week from my Just Chillin' pack, we also did some directed drawing of a polar bear.

Be sure to check out my new Valentine's Day set that I posted this week too!

Even though I have a couple of small trips planned this year, I am daydreaming about our Europe 2015 trip.  We know we are going to Budapest, but the rest of the countries we are still choosing.  It's so exciting to go back to Europe.

I hope everyone had a good week!  Happy weekend!


  1. I love your Super Flex drawings! It sounds like a really cool thing to do with your kids. I wish I was planning a trip somewhere warm. :)
    First Grade Funtastic

    1. Hi Sara,
      Thanks! The kids love superflex because they are in charge of their own feelings. Ahhh yes...warmth...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jamie,
      Everyone needs to feel special!


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