Five for Friday {Jan. 31}

Yay!  It's 5 For Friday time again.  I am linking up with others for this fun event. Check it out!

We finished our unit on penguins and have been studying about polar bears.  We made some clay figures of either penguins or polar bears. How cute is this little guy?

Our Passion Projects have started and I blog about it on Wednesdays (Wonder Wednesdays).  We created these folders I call Passion Pockets to house all the little things and papers etc. we may accumulate during the process. (This is an inquiry-type time otherwise known as genius hour.) I thought I'd put the pockets together so that the students could see them all.  It was great to hear things like:  "Wow, he sure likes Skylanders".  It's a great way to get to know more about your friends!

Admiring our work.


Here, students are working through their Polar Bear Measurement Math (From my Just Chillin' unit)
and a Polar Bear Close read by the fabulous +monica schroeder. I had the kids highlight words that they "liked".  It was interesting to then share the words aloud and find out WHY they liked those words. Some of the students learned about new words and their meanings.

After reading the text altogether, students worked in partners to answer the questions.

We also did a round up of the traits of good writers.  I handed out random numbers of writing task cards from my Write Traits Writing Task Cards to each table. Students got to choose which trait they wanted to explore more deeply.

It was nice to see students working at all different levels.  Some used easier books and chose Great Words and others liked the organization tasks using chapter books.

Yesterday {on Super Moon day... yikes!} we had our first Olympics meeting.  Our whole school has been organized into 8 teams.  Teachers were in charge of a country and students went there to learn a bit about the country and to make flags for our opening ceremonies.  My partner and teaching assistant are holding up the Australian flag.  Fun!  "Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi"

If you are interested in the Polar Bear Close read or the Writing Task Cards, they are both in the new Educents bundle that is still available.  Click here for more:

This Sunday, I will be part of a wonder blog hop with over 140 awesome bloggers.  It's all about great ideas for teaching.  Please stop by again and take part in this fantastic and useful event and pick up some new "bright ideas" for your classroom!


  1. So glad your kiddos enjoyed the Polar Bear Close Read:)))))

  2. Oh I love seeing all the pictures of learning in action in your class! Love how the students admire their work - so important to do things they are proud to show off at conference time.
    Whimsy Workshop


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