Wonder Wednesdays: Passion Pockets (genius hour)

It was our second time wondering and thinking about things this week.  On Friday we will have our first Passion Project hour.  It will just be a celebration of who we are and a sharing of ideas.  Topics can often be difficult to come up with; especially for second graders!

So far, it has been an interesting experience for all of us to be thinking and wondering more.  Being curious is a good way to inspire and motivate kids to want to know more.  I am always saying, "I wondered that too, let's find out."

This year we have been learning about our brains and how to be mindful.  I use my Mindful Brains, Mindful Hearts to help students with self awareness. When you are self aware you are aware of your surroundings and those around you but also about what makes you "tick".  This will lend itself nicely with starting our passion projects.

The first step to starting any big project based learning unit is to make sure you are organized and have room to house your projects.  You may need to ask yourself:

1. Where will my students put all their "stuff" and papers?

2. Where in the classroom will I store it?

3. Do you have a place to lock up things (tech?) if students bring it in?

I created an idea of something simple that students could make to store some of their larger things.  I called it a "Passion Pocket".

I sent home a letter to parents explaining the passion pocket.  Students will make these at home so that they can discuss and share with their parents all of the things that make them who they are.  Hopefully, this will lead to new wonderings.

I started to create my own "Passion Pocket" I told the students I picked green because it was my favorite color and I added flower border because I love flowers and apple stickers because I am a teacher.  I've just started to decorate but the students get the idea. :) I can't wait to keep decorating!  I'm sure my students will come up with something much better!

Working on something that really sparks an interest in you motivates you to learn more.   21st Century Learning is all about this notion. What would you learn more about if you could?

This Friday, we will be celebrating the first day of our passion projects time.  We will also be sharing and recording ideas that we may want to work on.

I am using what I have learned the last time I did personal learning with this year's projects and I hope to come up with something spectacular that can be used over and over again.  Stay tuned!  Have you done these before?  I'd love to hear your thoughts or experiences or your questions.  Cheers!

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