Olympics Fun! Ideas to Celebrate the Winter Games.

The winter games have begun - in Sochi and at my school.  What a blast we had!  We divided our school into 8 multiage teams and then 2 teachers were in charge of one country.  My country is Australia and I paired up with a teacher who is originally from Australia.  What fun for her.  Any Australian readers here?  We hope we do you proud!  (Of course my heart will be with my home country Canada in the real Olympics.)

First we made flags, head bands with Akubra hats (designed by Whimsy Workshop) and a banner.

Our opening ceremonies were yesterday afternoon.  Here we are marching down the hall. "AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI!"

Other countries that were represented were:  Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Greece and Russia.

In class, my 2nd graders had run reading about the Olympics and the torch relay and drawing themselves running with the torch!

Here is my colleague Wendy presenting the Olympic Oath to our athletes.  We are so proud of Wendy at our school.  She competed in the World Games and Pan Am Games for Canada in softball. She was the pitcher and she played 1st base.  She's a rock star!

And of course, what would an opening ceremony be like without the torch relay and the lighting of the cauldron?  

How cute are these? I found these while I was searching for torch images.  Mmmm. Don't they look yummy?  These are from Sun Hats and Wellieboots.  Click on the picture for the recipe.

In class, my students are learning about the Olympics.  We did some close reading about what the Olympics is, then we read about the torch relay.  (It was great they got to "see" it later at the ceremonies.)  We looked at different torches through the years on Google images.

This is from my Winter Sports pack.   You can find it in my TPT shop by clicking the picture.

We are also reading about the Olympics.  The Magic Tree House books are SOOO popular in my classroom. Are they in yours too?

Students are all signed up for all of the events that will be held in our gym.  Stay tuned for more pictures about our Olympic FUN!


  1. Shelley, I love teaching about the Olympics and your unit looks very cute. I like how your school divided up the grades and had different countries represented for your Olympic assembly. What a lot of fun. Lisa.

  2. Thanks for visiting Lisa! It should be a fun next couple of weeks at our school!

    :) Shelley


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