Multiculturalism in the Classroom: Everyone is Different

Over the last few weeks, our class has been looking at friendship, bullying and everything in between.  Since the beginning of the year (of every year), I explained to my students that everyone is unique and different and that that is okay.  I explained that I was going to treat them all differently and that that was fair.

They get it.

So when I read the Invisible Boy to them recently, it had a big impact on our class.  For my quick overview of the book, click here.

As part of a 2nd term review of my students, I asked them this question:  What Does it Mean to Feel Invisible?  Here is what two of my students said (although many more had great reflections too.) What do you think your students would say?

Ironically, the first response was from one of my lowest students.  It sent chills down my spine.  She gets it!  So I thought it only appropriate that this be a springboard to my new community unit on multiculturalism.

I started with two GREAT books to reinforce the fact that everyone is different. Do you have a favorite book to teach the concept of "people are the same, people are different?"

We began to explore all kinds of books!

We then got to work on creating our title pages.

Through the studies of other countries, I hope to tie back these cultures to our own country and our own community.  What kinds of things have you done to promote multiculturalism and tolerance in your room? We will be writing research reports and making presentations as well as celebrating in the end with a multicultural luncheon!

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