Teacher Tip Thursday

What fun!  I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune for the first time for their Summer Blogging series.  Today's link up is all about Teacher Tips! Go on over and check out the other tips!

I always start my first week with my 2nd grade students by quoting from Thomas Jefferson:

"There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people."  Well, they usually give me blank stares that say "Huh?"

I go on to use my own little watered down and kid friendly version:

I love to start the year like this because it sets the stage for some important social learning and let's face it, without that, learning cannot take place effectively! It aligns perfectly with brain based learning, self directed learning. self awareness and bucket filling!

By the end of the first term when students see me giving someone some extra time or I am scribing or typing out their writing for them and I say "Is that fair?" - they answer with a resounding"YES!"
Now THAT fills my bucket!

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