Going to Vegas!

I am so excited to be leaving tomorrow for Vegas for the first ever TPT conference!

 I can't believe it's been about a year and half since I first discovered TPT and now I am attending a conference and meeting all these wonderful teachers, bloggers and amazing people that run Teachers Pay Teachers.

When I first signed up at TPT I had envisioned just a cute little place where I could have fun starting a little business.  (Yes, OF COURSE I read about my friend +Deanna Jump and her incredible success but my Sagittarius horoscopes always warn me about "get rich quick schemes" so I just felt very happy for her and hoped I could have some level of success.)

I've always loved creating things and sharing with my colleagues.  I especially love to present Writing and Social Learning professional development sessions because I love it when I can share an idea that helps someone.

I don't think I was prepared for what was about to happen to me and my life as a result of joining up with TPT.

After about a year of stumbling around and trying to learn Pinterest, Facebook, the TPT forums and blogging, a wonderful thing happened.  I realized that I wasn't alone.  Sure I knew that there were hundreds of thousands of teachers on TPT but I discovered that so many of us are real teachers at heart and we love to collaborate and share and learn from each other.  I can't tell you how blessed I feel that I have made such great friends through blogging and Facebook and it all started with a little venture into the world of TPT.

So what is so great about Teachers Pay Teachers?

1. It is full of like minded teachers.

2.  There are amazing resources at your fingertips for your students.

3.  When someone purchases or downloads something from you, you realize that your resource will be used with children around the world!

4. You build friendships and share successes and losses and your TPT friends feel your pain when something does not go as planned.

While I am just a small fish in a big pond, I feel very grateful to the people at TPT for supporting me and to all of the friends I have made through this journey.  +Rachel Lynette knows how much I've learned and I thank her for her support and kindness.

As I head off to Las Vegas tomorrow, I will think of the journey I have had so far and make new friends and memories.

Thanks TPT!

To celebrate this epic week, my TPT shop will be on sale.  Enjoy your week everyone!

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  1. Shelly, your blog looks fabulous! I love all the bright blues and pinks! I just wanted to stop by and say hi! Thank so much for reaching out at the conference! It was fabulous to meet you! I hope to stay in touch!

    Ms. K (Cynthia)


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