Beginning a Writing Program: Before and After

It's that time of year again - Back to School chaos! I don't go back to school until next week but I know many of you are already back and in full swing. Soon, I will be setting up my classroom writing center and I thought I would share the process with you.

When I set up my classroom, it needs to be functional. Yes, I love decor and design but my students need to be able to move freely and I really want my writing center to reflect that and welcome them in to write.  Setting up your writing center in a corner is more inviting for students. Whether you are in an intermediate classroom or a primary classroom, all students love being able to "go somewhere" to write.

I also begin by changing it up a bit.  Instead of just pencils, I supply colored pencils, highlighters and other fun things to write with so that students can add emphasis to parts of the presentation of their writing. I don't allow them to decorate their actual printing unless they are presenting it and it is needed for things like emphasis. I want students to realize that the expression of ideas in and of itself should be done by using "colorful" words. The careful choice of words is key. (More on this in another upcoming post.)

Not all writing has to be done on a plain piece of paper.  Lots of teachers are using Interactive Writer's Notebooks now.  Not only are they fun for kids to use, they are a great place to keep all of your ideas and a place to practice mini skills needed in all aspects of larger writing projects.

As I make my way back to school to set up this year's writing center and meet all my new darling learners, I will be starting this year's version of Writing Sundays. I'd love to hear all your ideas in your own classrooms for how you do things. Please drop by for the first post beginning on Sept. 7th. Thanks for reading. :)

For more information on setting up a classroom Writer's Workshop, you may want to take a look at  my Ultimate Writer's Workshop Binder available in my TPT shop.  Here are some comments about this binder:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! We rewrote our writing program this summer and I needed some way to implement the much more intense program this year. Had no clue where to start. I've heard of Writer's Workshop but wasn't sure exactly what it was or how to set it up and make it work. This explained EVERYTHING with great visuals for me and it's working well in my first grade classroom! (Cute Liz)

Writing workshop can be so overwhelming, but with this I feel that I will be able to get a better grasp on writing for my students. Thank you! (Annette N)

Wow! There is soooo much information in there! I'm teaching a new grade this year, so this will be very helpful!! Thanks so much for all your amazing work! :) (Martine)

I really like this product. For someone who hasn't taught Writer's workshop, it gives a great setup and execution. And one I am comfortable with while learning so many other things. Thanks for the guidance! (Mary C)

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  1. Improving my writing program is one of my goals for this year. Looking forward to these posts! :)

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