Grab Your Sunglasses! Bright Ideas Round Up!

Here we gooo!  I know many of you, like me, have been reading and enjoying the Bright Ideas blog posts this year by some awesome bloggers.. They are FULL of great ideas and do not have any products in them.

The year is zooming right along and pretty soon Christmas will be upon us.  So we decided to do a round up of our own Bright Ideas posts in case you missed them or would like to revisit them depending on what you are teaching or will be teaching soon.

Vocabulary Building

In this blog post I give ideas on ways to develop vocabulary in centers and as a whole class reading strategy.

Beginning, Middle and End Strategies

This blog post gives a great active strategy for helping students find the beginning, middle and end of stories.  Students tell events of a story and the class puts the students in order. Afterwards, students are divided into beginning, middle and end.

This strategy also works for older students when they are determining main idea and supporting details.

The Teacher's Desk

While the trend is to get rid of your desk, I celebrate my teacher's desk in this post!  I love my little sanctuary and I tell you why and give some tips for organizing your own desk area.

Using the Arts to Teach Acceptance

Have you ever played musical chairs?  Well here's a new twist on this game - musical art.  Check it out!

Classroom Meetings That Matter

Classroom meetings are a great way to develop classroom community at any time of the year. This post shares how I use wonder and I think to model classroom meetings for students.

Bright Ideas About Bright Ideas

This post shares how I use my own student ideas to inspire lesson and learning. Have you done passion projects/genius hour?  If you want to know more - here is a post for you.

Here are some other places you can find me:

Check out the other Bright Ideas post below for more roundups!

Thanks for reading!

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