The Christmas Wish: A Christmas Book Inspired Craft

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December is always an exciting time of year, full of joy and wonder for young children.  To capture this, I recently read The Christmas Wish to my 2nd and 3rd graders.

The Christmas Wish  by Lori Evert and photographs by Per Breiehagen is an amazing book with real photos of the authors' own daughter Anja!  It is a Nordic tale about a little girl who is brave and kind who has a dream of one day helping Santa.  One day she decides to set out to look for Santa.

 Before she leaves, she helps an old neighbor catch her cat, she decorates her gingerbread house and she sweeps out her sauna. She even finds her a small Christmas tree.  Anja send her friends gifts and writes them kind notes to tell them she would visit when she finishes helping Santa.

 Anja receives help along the way from a red cardinal bird and a gentle horse.

She also meets a musk ox who helps her to go under the glacier to the tundra where there was a waiting polar bear.  They travel a while and then they rest.  Anja reads the polar bear a story as he naps.  I love how this little girl becomes to connected to the animals that are helping her.

Finally, Anja hears sleigh bells.  It's a reindeer! She offers the reindeer an apple she has in her pocket.  Anja spends a great deal of time in the book skiing. Now the reindeer is too fast so she ends up skiing in the air pulled by the reindeer!

Finally, in a clearing in the snow covered trees, Anja meets Santa! Santa appreciates the kindness and joy she spreads where ever she goes so he thinks she will make a great elf.

Then, he does something so exciting - he asks Anja to drive his sleigh!  Anja does and then she drives it back to her home just before Christmas morning.  Before he leaves, Santa gives her a very special gift. It's a magical bell.  He tells her to ring it three times if she ever needs help.

Then she wakes up.

Was it all a dream?    The last sentence says, "What do you think?"

So of course this is a great writing prompt!  I had my students tell me whether they thought it was a true story or not. We wrote in our Mindful Journals: Do you think Santa would let YOU drive the sleigh?  Why or why not?

Then, we created this craft as a cute way for students to "ride" on Santa's sleigh like Anja.  You can have your students write specific gifts for family members or like my students, we followed Anja's lead and wrote positive things we could DO on the gift.  We attached the gifts with gift ribbon and tucked them into the sleigh.  You can also add a picture of the student inside the sleigh made to look like they were flying the sleigh if you wish.  You can print it on red construction paper or on tag board and decorate it.  I printed it on red construction paper and the gifts on tag board.  Students used glitter for the sleigh and colored the gifts with pencil crayons.  They printed the words on with a thin Sharpie.

They sure had fun with this!

Here is a copy of the printable.  I have included one sheet with all for tag board and 2 separate ones if you want to print one on red construction paper and one for the gifts on tag or white. Click on the picture to download.

To further promote the idea of kindness and giving, my students will be using my popular Thoughtful Christmas Writing Prompts for Caring Kids writing activities.  Now it is their turn to show how they can be grateful and giving over the holidays.  Teachers love how students are given the opportunity to write about something other than gifts at Christmas time.  Students love the feel of writing about giving. Topics include:  favorite Christmas family memories, what it means to give the "gift of time", what you could give someone that doesn't cost money and more.
You can check it out here:

For even more Christmas ideas:  check out my bundle of Christmas Literacy Ideas! (There's even some Math in there!).


  1. Our Christmas countdown activities is our favorite!

  2. My favourite thing to do on the holidays is to spend time with my family. I enjoy all the food, decorations, and Christmas eve church service, but my favourite thing is definitely seeing family, especially now that my children are adults!

  3. This could possibly be the cutest Christmas craftivity that I have ever seen!!! My favourite thing to do over the holidays is definitely visiting with family and friends...followed closely by catching up on my reading <3.

  4. I love to have time to spend with my family. It isn't very often that we can get everyone together. I will have the whole family here over the Christmas break. The first time in 4 years.
    I love your post about special Christmas books. I have some favourites that I share with my class every year.

  5. Thanks for sharing and having this giveaway! I like to spend time with family, especially now that we have been transferred across the country! I like the smell of Christmas trees, listening to carolers, driving around to see the Christmas lights and Luminaria, and drinking hot chocolate. :)

  6. I loBe The Christmas a Wish. Thanks for the freebie:)


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