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Sometimes the simplest things make the most sense.  But sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to realize because as teachers, we are so all consumed with all the busyness of the day we can't see the forest for the trees.  (It's okay so nod your head and say "oh ya" while you read that.)

Today I am linking up for the Bright Ideas Blog post with a classroom management tip.

I have noticed in my class this year, several students who are very bright but often unfocussed or they get their work done fast but not necessarily done well.  Sound familiar?

We do a lot of mindful learning and self regulation work in our room.  I decided that since they were all aware of the principles surrounding self regulation,that I could give them a challenge that I was pretty sure they could handle.  (It also goes along nicely with my Genius Hour).

I began to look for things that each student - not just the fast finishers I spoke of above - were particularly good at. Sometimes these were the SMALLEST things.

Sometimes it was just a way to do something on the computer.  Or maybe it was an art technique for drawing something.  Maybe it was the ability to fold up and make a 3-d object like a cube.  Sometimes it's even as simple as having a sharp pencil so that their writing was neat.  I began to say things like, " You are really good at drawing a dog.  Why don't you go lead a little lesson over at table 1 on how to do that - they'd love to know."  Or:  "Would you like to be a leader and hold the door?".  "I just saw you put 3 things in the compost bin.  You are such an eco leader.  If anyone wants to know if something goes in the green bin, ask  ________.  "

Just that little recognition and acknowledgement of simple things that mostly the students aren't even aware is a "good thing" is enough to boost their mood, their confidence and even their behavior.

Give it a try.  I'll bet you'll find leaders in the simplest of places.

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  1. Such a great post! I truly believe they are all gifted... in their own way!

    Sally from Elementary Matters


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