The Real Teachers of "Blog" County and my HOT MESS!

Are teachers real?  Do they go to the grocery store?  :)  You might (should) be chuckling right now because you know that sometimes, the kids don't think we are the same as everyone else.

The same also includes teachers who see other teachers - we are not perfect!!

Today I am linking up with 2nd Grade is Out of this World to show you the hot mess one area of my classroom is in.   This fun link up is called:

Not only do kids think we aren't real, I know some teachers out there (ME) that read blogs and think - "Wow!  How do they do all that in a day?"  or "How are they always SO organized?" I am a very organized person, but I also have my super scatter-brained moments.

So, what am I going to share with you today will help YOU feel better about your corner of the classroom that you are less than proud of! I know you have one!

THIS is my teacher storage cupboard:  EGADS!!!

It didn't always looks that way!  I DO have an excuse.  :) Our teachers were on strike from June until the end of September. When we were finally allowed back into the school, I had 1 day to move.  I was changing grades and classrooms and we were already 3 weeks behind.  My preservice teaching assistant that I had last year agreed to come in and help me and then got a job.  Thus, the pile that was on the ground was quickly shuffled into my cupboard.  I haven't recovered since.  There you have it!  I will get to it. One day.  Soon.  Okay, maybe when school is done this year.

That's it. That's all I've got!  Don't you feel so much better now?  :)  

Be sure to check out other piles, disasters and hot messes at the linkup below. Happy reading!


  1. Oh, I just loved reading your post...and seeing your storage closet, too!! Mine is a disaster, and every time I open the doors, I just know I'm taking my life into my own hands! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Shelley! I do feel better now. I have a closet that looks very similar! Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up!

    1. You bet! It was a fun thing to do! Thanks for hosting this fun linky!

  3. Fear not, Shelley! I have TWO cupboards that look like yours! I keep telling myself that I should just devote 15-minutes a day to one shelf, but then I don't. I just keep the doors closed! HA! Thanks for "keeping it real!" I am going to take pics of my mess tomorrow and link up!
    Stories and Songs in Second

    1. I'm looking forward to your "hot mess" Jennifer. :)

  4. Considering how fast you had to clean up your room, that closet isn't half bad! Thanks for sharing your hot mess and keeping it real! It's nice not to be alone!
    Laughter and Consistency


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