Literature Inspired Teacher Home Goals for the New Year

Teachers are no different than any other super hero. :)

We all want the New Year to bring fabulous things for our students and ourselves. We read great children's literature all year to our students.  I was thinking I could probably apply things I have learned in these books to my teacher home life goals for this year. What a great idea! Which ones can you relate to?

Seriously, what feels better than to get home from a long day and put on your leggings and a sweat shirt and hit the couch?  The only problem is that the pile of clothes I placed on the chair gets bigger and bigger each day of the week because I am too tired to put them away right away after work.  It's not just one thing - sometimes it just isn't a grey and black kind of day so I need to add a little color to wake myself up.  Unfortunately, with that inspiration comes a couple of changes sometimes.  This  year, I will try to be a little more conscious of this...thank you Robert Munsch.

You know that time...the time when you have done oodles of assessments, field trips and projects, marking and report cards all while practicing for Remembrance Day/Veterans Day assemblies and Christmas concerts.  Who has time to grocery shop?  One of my friends once said her kids complained that their cupboards looked like Mother Hubbard's cupboard.  Indeed they do.  How about you? I figured if I get a handle on this now, by the time Spring Break rolls around, nobody will be hungry. Thank you Mother Goose (and James Marshall) for the inspiration.

As we wind down the first part of the school year, sometimes you just have a a horrible, no good, very bad day.  It is then I may or may not spend over an hour on travel sites online planning my escape to Australia or some other tropical destination.  This year I will not sulk and I will dream happily of vacation time.  (Although, visiting my Aussie friend  Emma at +Clever Classroom wouldn't be a bad thing.) Thank you Judith Viorst!

Can you see your dining room table?  There are times when I have way too much stuff on it during the week while I am marking, planning and creating resources and writing blog posts.  In my new role as an instructional coach it's even worse!  I usually tidy it up somewhat each evening. I have a new office upstairs that I am working on but I would so much rather be downstairs in and amongst my family.  You know that feeling when one thing, leads to another, which causes you to open a new web page or grab a book, then you get distracted by something else?  The result is the dining room table. {sigh}.  I can relate to the mouse in "If you give a mouse a cookie", how about you?  Thank you Laura Numeroff. I will attempt to do one thing at a time.

Speaking of cookies... when I am at home on the weekends or evenings working on things...I get the nibbles.  That wouldn't be so bad if I chose carrots but like The Very Hungry Caterpillar,  there's so much to nibble on!  Thanks Eric Carle for alerting me to this.   I will plan ahead - where's my carrot peeler?

On the bright side, teaching is very active.  When I get back to work I know I will get my 10,000 steps in just in the morning!

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