Helping our Alberta Friends

Hi everyone,

I am sure by now everyone has heard about the horrible Alberta fire that raged through Fort MacMurray which is in the Northern part of Alberta, Canada. Take a look at the slide show at the bottom on the link for images. (link credit:  Huffington Post)  As I type this, the fire is still burning.  88,000 people have been evacuated with nothing more than the shirts on their backs. I am always in awe of people that make it through disasters such as this.  I have donated to all kinds of causes all over the world in the last few years (Haiti, India, USA, just to mention a few) and now it's time to step up and help my neighbours.

The Canadian TPTer's have organized a one day sale on Monday, May 16th with 100% of profits going to help the victims of this devastating fire that still burns.  I am donating my profits to the Canadian Red Cross specifically for the residents of Fort McMurray.

You can help by making a purchase from my store on May 16th. You can enjoy a 20% discount, help your classroom with new resources and help the survivors of Fort McMurray all at once!

Click the picture to visit my store and help the victims.

  Thank you for your support and help!

Visit other stores that are on sale with proceeds to support Fort McMurray families and the rebuilding process.

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