Hooked on Writing October: Research Strategies, Organization and Word Choice.

Writing research has always been a struggle for my 2nd and 3rd graders.  There seems to be a variety of things that cause this struggle.  Gathering facts and writing them in your own words can often be a tough skill for students to learn.  Many times, students can't really see the whole picture before they start so they have a hard time putting it all together. This is why I designed special lessons in the October version of Hooked on Writing to help you to teach research skills to students in a fun, interactive, yet effective way.

Not only does unit 3 cover research skills, it also has lessons on organization and word choice.  Through the use of the following mentor texts, students will do whole class, partner and independent writing activities to strengthen their understanding of organization in nonfiction and fiction writing.

You will be able to get an idea of where your students are at in terms of understanding what organization is by playing a game called Organization Station where students will identify things in their world that are organized or disorganized.  This concept will then be related to nonfiction and fiction writing.

There are 5 structured lessons for EACH book. 
Concepts and strategies included in this unit are: 

Organization structures in fiction and nonfiction books.
Pre-reading, during reading and post reading/writing lessons.
Whole class and partner lessons and strategies.
Ipad integration options.
Using a non-fiction book (Cats vs Dogs) to understand a fiction book (Dog vs Cat) more deeply.
Mini fire safety lesson from Roberto the Insect Architect.
Mini research on BATS as well as a topic of choice.

and much more!

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